What is AdLedger?

AdLedger is the nonprofit charged with building and implementing technical standards for the application of blockchain and cryptography to media and advertising. Founded by IBM, MadHive, and TEGNA in 2018, membership has swelled to include the largest publishers, brands, agencies, and forward thinking technology providers in our space, united by a common goal of transparency and accountability.

Featured Members
The Education Working Group is focused on promoting thoughtful education around blockchain in the advertising space. We develop resources that break down the technical concepts of blockchain to a 101-level so that industry stakeholders could have meaningful conversations about what this new technology can do, what it can’t, and how it will impact our space.

Policy Working Group

Data-driven digital advertising is complicated. Blockchain and cryptography are, too. With policymakers exploring regulation for both, it is critical they understand how these new industries intersect. This committee's goal is to seek to educate legislators and equip them with the knowledge, tools and resources required to make informed decisions as they develop and contemplate policy regarding consumer data privacy, data-driven advertising, and blockchain.

Measurement Working Group

Privacy Working Group

Education Working Group

Advertising should be free of fraud, waste, and abuse. Standards that turn the hocus-pocus and extrapolation of today's verification and attribution mechanisms into irrefutable, immutable proof of events transpired will go a long way to preventing these systemic ills.
Consumer attitudes are shifting. New regulations are in effect. How can we respect user privacy and still deliver relevant ads? How do we build a world where privacy for the consumer and profitability for advertisers can coexist? This working group is focused on answering these questions and more.
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