Our experts in blockchain and digital media develop resources to help you understand how new technology can be applied to drive successful outcomes.
The State of Ad Tech Study
As a decade of AdTech proliferation comes to a close, advertisers take stock of where the dynamics of innovation have left them. What works, and what needs to change as digital advertising evolves? Our study breaks down the current state of the advertising ecosystem and expands on new solutions for transparency, verification and fraud.
Fraud in OTT Report - Q4 2019
Our all-encompassing resource  deciphers how fraud occurs in OTT, how it is bought and sold, and the new opportunities it presents for advertisers and publishers.
Blockchain & Advertising Special Report
This 20-page report breaks the technical concepts of blockchain to a 101-level and overviews the implications of the technology on the digital media industry.
Why Ad Tech Must Change Now
AdLedger & MadHive commissioned independent research firm, Industry Index, to survey 100 brand executives, 100 agency executives, and 100 publisher executives to understand existing technical standards and solutions, and how this infrastructure should look in the future.