Join the conversation with leading companies in digital media, collaborating to define the rules and standards that will drive our industry forward.

Who is eligible to apply for membership?
AdLedger consists of publishers, brands, agencies, and technology providers who understand the importance and value true transparency and efficiency in digital media.

What are the benefits of joining AdLedger?
Joining AdLedger means having a seat at the table for critical discussions shaping the future of our industry. Companies who don’t evolve will fall behind as AdLedger drives the conversation for this evolution.

What is the time commitment?
AdLedger holds quarterly all hands meetings. Working groups meet more often, at a cadence dictated by their leadership.

Where are AdLedger meetings held? Can I join remotely?
In person meetings are held in New York City, however, members join virtually from all over the world.

Are there any dues associated with AdLedger?
General Members and Associate Members are asked to support the consortium via donations of time, resources and expertise, but dues are not required. Executive Membership requires an annual financial commitment. Read more about eligibility.

How do I join AdLedger?
Complete the membership application.